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     Since 1924, HyGrade has been developing unique skin care products that work better than anything you've ever used. Our skin care products were created in Colorado, where very low humidity can often dry the skin. During the cold winter, cold dry air can irritate your skin, chap your lips, and even cause the skin on your feet to crack. If you work outdoors or work with your hands, HyGrade skin care products could change your life!

     HyGrade Lotion has been scientifically formulated to protect against all problem skin conditions. The ingredients in HyGrade penetrate deeply and rapidly ( leaving no greasy residue ) to provide quick and effective relief to dry, chapped, rough skin. You can apply HyGrade liberally for burns, rough or calloused elbows, knees and feet, sunburn, and windburn. HyGrade Lotion is the all-weather skin conditioner that you've been missing.


I’ve been using this stuff for thirty years, and I’ve never looked back!
— Simon Pacelli, CA
I direct many of my patients to Hygrade before I recommend a prescription.
— Dr. Matthew Davies, CO
HyGrade Lotion has changed my life.
— Patty Burgess, AZ