Works great for restoring my hands after working long hours on the fireline. My grandmother used HyGrade hand lotion as far back as I can remember so the smell is a very familiar one. Thanks.


Sheridan, WY

I grew up in southwestern Colorado and we have used HyGrade Lotion since I can remember way back to the 1950's. It is the best and my family has used the lip balm for at least 30 years. In this dry climate there is none better.



My friends keep asking 'Where are you wrinkles?' I'll use HyGrade Lotion as long as I live and can get it.


Golden, CO

I was diagnosed wtih palmo-psoriais which I first encountered at the age of 51 and have lived with for the past four years. Within a week of using the product several times a day, my hands were almost as clear as with a steroid shot. The improvement was dramatic compared to any other product I have tried in the past 4 years.


Linden, CA


I've been using Hy-Grade lotion for over thirty years. I work outside in all kinds of weather as well as play outside too. The ONLY lotion that affords healing and protection is Hy-Grade!


Sacramento, CA

My brother told me about your foot conditioner years ago – once tried it I have never stopped. Nothing works like Hy-Grade! Thank you – customer for life!


Phoenix, AZ